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Here at Fhrx Studio's we employ an enormous range of audio / visual and aftermarket accessories and can accommodate your needs, whatever they may be. On this page you'll also find many different pricelists attached tp the products we most often are asked about. The pricelist file format is also listed. Please bare in mind these are full recommended retail pricelists - email us for your price!. If any manufacturers would like their details added or removed, please email us.

Authorized Brands.

The following is a list of brands we are fully authorized to deal. This includes after sales service and warranty work. We update these pricelists all the time and to our knowledge they're all current pricing.

Unauthorized or Undistributed Brands.

The following products are ones we're NOT authorized dealers of but do still employ from time to time in order to service out customers needs. This usually occurs when people bring products they already own to us to be installed. We update these pricelists as we're sent them but they might be a little out of date. Whilst we endeavour to keep them up to date, sadly this is not always possible. It's always best to check with authorized dealers for current pricing.

These price lists are full recommended retail price and may become outdated from time to time but we're constantly updating them to bring you the latest prices. If you find one that is out of date and have a more recent one, please email us.

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