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Welcome to the photo galleries of Fhrx Studios. For nearly twenty five years now we've been photographically documenting every aspect of our work, from commencement to completion. Within these pages you'll find many photos of our demonstration cars and many photos of our work - both behind the scenes and the final product. There are also photos of cars from years gone by, photos of some of the shocking installation work we've diagnosed and repaired and last but not least; you'll find photos aplenty of Lamborghinis as Lamborghini Sydney is one of the many dealers whom we undertake various work for - everything from simple parking sensors to entire system builds. There are many images within these galleries so please be patient while they load. To hasten loading times we've thumbnailed each photo. When viewing the images from yesteryear and taking a trip down memory lane, please accept our apologies for the size and quality of some of them - there were no digital cameras back then. Many of these historical images have been scanned, some even from negative film.

Images Of Interest

When talking all things installation what exactly sets Fhrx Studios apart from the competition? How and why are we so different? More importantly; why should you bring your car here? See when installing audio / visual systems we meticulously adhere to a very high standard of procedures and guidelines in order to ensure your ride receives the best quality install possible. The following photos display the various techniques we employ here to reach said standard, and the extraordinary lengths we go to behind the scenes in order to ensure we achieve the best sound possible.

These high standards are carried through from before actual commencement, right the way to well beyond the completion of the install. In other words; even before we've actually touched your car we have procedures we follow and well after the job has been completed we still follow up on the systems performance..

Images Of Fhrx Studios Vehicles

As one might well imagine; over the years Fhrx Studios has installed a titanic amount of audio / visual gear into just about every form of vehicle known to man - from humble cars, boats and trucks right the way through to planes, forklifts and would you believe at least one cherry picker!? The following photos demonstrate what some of these installs look like upon completion.

Despite not actually being owned by Fhrx Studios many of these vehicles still do the rounds today, attending competitions, shows and numerous other events posing as Fhrx Studios demonstration vehicles. We extend our appreciation to the owners of these vehicles, many of which have go onto become very good friends of the staff here.

Images Of Our Regular Work

These photo galleries are a little different to the sections below; in that rather than finished installs these photos instead demonstrate our work protocols. Showing all matter of items, techniques and behind the scenes stuff; these photos are randomly selected from the workshop floor and uploaded for your enjoyment. It's just a neat way of letting you know what's going on here at Fhrx Studios during day to day operations.

Please note; photos after 2nd Quarter 2015 are now uploaded to our Fhrx Studios FaceBook page.

So click away to see what happens behind the scenes here as we take you away from the glossy front door and finished product to the innermost workings of the systems and how they're installed during everyday operations here.

Images Of Inspiration

Are you experiencing a mental blank? Stuck for ideas for your next install layout? Just simply have no imagination perhaps? Well pine no more. Instead; have a good long browse through the following photos to get some fresh ideas. For contained within are many different design concepts incorporating numerous materials, shapes and sizes, all resulting in immensely varying flavours bound to suit just about any taste.

Now for a quick disclaimer; not EVERY single item within these photo pages has been created by Fhrx Studios - some images are borrowed from publications and websites purely to demonstrate what can be done within your car. See individual explanations for details.

Images Of Volkswagens

Whilst it's a given that we'll undertake an audio / visual install in any vehicle from any part of the world, a great proportion of our work regards European cars. Audis, BMWs, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Porsches, Volkswagens; you name it and there is a good chance we've done one. Of the European cars though, a large proportion of our work concerns Volkswagens and although Golfs, Passats and Jettas are out most common jobs we also specialise in the rarer breeds such as Amaroks, Tiguans, Touaregs, Transporters, Polos, Boras, EOSs and so on.

With that in mind we've created an image page dedicated solely to the Deutsch kraftfahrzeug. Within this photo gallery you'll not only find images of the wide varieties of equipment we install into the entire Volkswagen range, but you can also see how we get aftermarket equipment either hidden away or looking like Volkswagen designed it to be there from factory.

Images Of Lamborghinis

Just in case you weren't in the know; Fhrx Studios often undertakes various tasks for many different car companies and dealerships, with Lamborghini Sydney being one of our main ones. For them we install everything from simple parking sensors and reverse cameras through to full audio / visual systems. However that said this page is not here to show off these systems.

Instead this page is purely dedicated to the awesome machines themselves, from the earlier Diablo right the way through the Gallardo, Superleggera and Murcielago and the latest masterpiece from the Italian artist - the mighty Reventon and Aventador. Naturally we do work for other car companies, especially as we specialise in European platforms such as Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes, but there is just something special about the lines of a Lamborghini and hey; everyone loves a Lambo!

Images Of Renaults

Over the years we've experienced many a shifting trend, including those pertaining to vehicle manufacturers. At first we saw the attack of the Japanese behemoths such as Subaru and Mazda; before then witnessing the rise of the German giants in Volkswagen, BMW and other such precision made machines, these vehicles becoming more popular as they became more affordable. However now we're bearing witness to a French revolution and yes; if we put our hand on our heart we wouldn't have predicted it either. However any way you look at it there is no arguing that Renaults are not only very well built cars, they're also quick, solidly built, boast fantastic interior geometry for sound and most of all; they're affordable.

After witnessing this growing influx of people bringing their Renaults to us for sound system installation, not to mention the fact that upon working on plenty we also discovered they were most pleasant to work on; we began developing audio system packages for the more common models such as the Megane and Clio - for whilst we can work on any Renault these two are by far the most popular. This page represents these French cars in all their audio visual glory; showcasing what can be installed into them and where various components are often hidden in these French voiture de performance.

Images Of Yesteryear

Okay the heading might sound a little misleading as it tends to make this section sound like its full of machines from the forties and fifties. Actually; these photos are just ones from decade of the nineties. These were the good old days when cameras actually had rolls of film in them, a computer system usually consisted of a Commodore Amiga on a desk and audio system hiss was almost acceptable. Take a trip down memory lane and check out some of the older installs we've had the pleasure of dealing with.

Time for another quick disclaimer; not EVERY single item within these photo pages has been created by Fhrx Studios - some images are installs we've merely housed here or had a hand in adjusting or fixing. See individual explanations for details.

Images Of Not So Good Installs

How not to do it! There is a well-known saying among high-end audio / visual stores that reads 'you can price match but you cannot install quality or experience match' and this saying is spot on. See cheap installs are exactly that and to that end a frightening proportion of our work comes from fixing cheap or free installations.

Because we photograph anything that so much as moves within this shop, we've gathered up quite a few images over the years of shoddy workmanship as you can well imagine. So for those among you thinking about visiting every shop in the land until you find the cheapest installation price humanly possible; may we present what you'll get for your cheap or free install.

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